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Billy the Kid & The Regulators 'Nice Ain't Got Me Nothin' is  an outstanding set of blues music that touches on a variety of styles and feels from vintage to contemporary and gets lowdown with them all. Frontman Billy Evanochko is a mesmerizing presence on vocals and guitar at center stage and exudes the power and grit of which legends are made. Nice Ain’t Got Me Nothin’ punches hard but also shows the kind of skills that bring nuance and expression to the forefront. Billy clearly knows where he wants to go and wastes nary a note in the process of getting there. 

Evanochko kicks things off with his title cut “Nice Ain’t Got Me Nothin’.” It’s a fully-energized blast of modern-day blues that’s well-written and muscular. It’s a classic heartbreak song with a crisp, funky pocket and outstanding performances at all positions. Billy is an excellent singer and guitarist with a strong identity and a vocal tone that cuts through the band. The whole group slays this one, especially the rhythm section. Drummer Ben Davis is the man and puts the entire arrangement in gear.' 

by Mike O'Cull Rock & Blues Muse 

“Billy The Kid & The Regulators Their new release She's Got a Hold On Me is an awesome collection of blues from a band that deserves the big name they have. The Lincoln County Regulators and Billy "The Kid" Bonney are a huge part of American history, and Billy "The Kid Evanochko" might be the biggest thing to come out of Pittsburgh since Mean Joe Green.”

— Raul Watson, Blues E-News Volume 3 Issue 2


"Billy the Kid slinging for Memphis acclaim!! A Beaver County band is one of five finalists in the International Blues Challenge's self-produced CD competition. "The judges reported some very strong discs," according to the Memphis-based International Blues Challenge (IBC), which hosts a yearly battle-of-the-bands to crown the top blues acts not linked to a major label. Billy the Kid and The Regulators, fronted by singer-guitarist Bill Evanochko of Hopewell Township, competed in the Memphis challenge in 2008, narrowly missing the Top 10.
Scott Tady
 Dec 28, 2012    

"Billy The Kid & The Regulators are the best band I've had as an opening act this year period."

Tinsley Ellis, Telarc Records Recording artist

Billy Evanochko 'Billy the Kid'

"The boy can flat out play. Billy and the boys are one of the best kept secrets in the Blues. If you ain't heard of em, you better ask somebody!"

Michael Burks, Alligator Records Recording Artist


IBC BLues Challenge 2014

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